Hackers started to exploit your anxieties while working from home

In today’s time, whomever you see is talking about Coronavirus (COVID-19) as it has become the biggest issue for the world, even many countries have come to the brink of ruin because of it. This virus weakening the economy of the country as people are forcibly imprisoned in their own home and no one is working. In such circumstances, there are few people who have chosen to work from home while locking themselves in their home.

But the question is that.


and the answer is NO.

We are safe while working from home but our companies data is not at all. Working at home can leave you open to hackers, even in normal times, and these aren’t normal times, because nowadays hackers are trying to exploit our anxieties… and it has started. We’ve seen many fake emails, phone calls asking employees to transfer money into this account to support the company’s coronavirus fund etc.

So some precautions should be adopted that can save both, the employees and the employers. Let’s talk about what those precautions are:

For Employers:

Use two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication adds another security layer to the login process. Just knowing and entering your password is not enough since there is a second layer which is usually time-sensitive. This makes the process a whole lot more secure.

Use of VPN

VPN ensures a higher level of security and safety between the remote worker and the service. you. If you have access to a corporate VPN, you can use it to access your company network, where your employer can better protect you from afar.

Confidential information

The personal email should not be used for any business communication or data transfer. Ask employees to use only business emails to send data and projects files over a secure internet connection only

Don’t allow personal devices

Always ask your employees to use only company devices to do any kind of official work to avoid any kind of cyber risk.

Stay connected

Ask your employees to be available on phone, skype, slack etc during their working hours so that you can contact your employees to for regular updates of projects.

For Employees:

Be aware of phishing emails

Hackers have started hacking email accounts, in which they send their designed emails like the greatest offer related to coronavirus protections and as soon as people click on them, their data starts getting handed to them.

Practice good cyber hygiene

Make sure your devices, router are up to date on their anti-virus protection and that you’re using secure and known connections. Avoid Bluetooth connections.

Only use secure WiFi

Advise your employees to avoid using their unsecured Wi-Fi connection at home and rather connect their laptop or workstation to the router with a network cable.

Report lost or stolen devices immediately

Remote work increases the loss or theft of your devices. Be sure to report any lost or stolen device immediately to company information security which minimizes the risk of fraud.

Cyber criminals love a crisis.

This is a good time for hackers to spread their roots so that they can steal important data and can benefit more. But we can avoid these things by adopting some security with a strong combination of technology and employee and it can be done safely and smartly. Stay safe and be careful.


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