Why most employees want to go back to the office rather than work from home

work from home

Nowadays, there is a trend of work from home which is on everyone’s tongue. As we all know, we are all facing a pandemic era that has forced us to stay at home.

In this Pandemic, some surveys have been done on people whether they like to work from home or from office.

Here are few questions that have been asked in surveys.

Do you like work from the home?
Do you like to work from the office?
Which is better, work from home or work from the office?
Do you want to continue work from the home forever?

And many more!

Some people like to work from home or some people like to work from the office. Or you can say that “People have different opinions according to their requirements”

In this article, we will talk about a survey which is held on the people of India in which most of people want to work from the office instead of the work from home.

So let’s talk about some of the reasons why people want to go to the office.

It is like a child who likes his school very much and now he/she wants to return there. Haha!

Let’s come to the point and discuss some reasons why people want to go office.

Too much distraction at home

People, who are working from home generally face many distractions due to family at home. Like when we are having a meeting with seniors and suddenly a child speaks or says something in it. we cannot avoid it many times.

Professionalism is being lost

Due to the absence of office, we have no time left for us. We don’t get a chance to dress up properly, It seems that our professional life is lost somewhere. In-home we don’t get a proper environment for work.

Not proper intraction

We are not able to go outside due to Covid. We are not able to meet new people or talk to them. It seems that our mental growth has stopped. Due to this, we have reduced our capacity of thinking and understanding something.

Not proper internet speed

Internet speed matters a lot, it affects our ability to work. This problem is mostly in a small town where there is no high-speed internet available yet. If the internet doesn’t work then how will we work? This is also a big reason for people to go to the office.

They miss their workplace

Some people have no reason to describe what they like most work from home or work from the office. But, some of the people miss the office environment a lot. Because they love the office environment and they love their office. According to those people meeting their colleagues, working with the team, was all a great feeling.

Tough for women

For women, working from home has become so tough. Due to the work from home, many women even left their jobs. Doing work from home puts the burden of two responsibilities on them. And it affects mental health very much. It became so difficult to manage home, baby and office together. Due to which many women have quit their jobs.

Mental health

People have lost contact with other people because of not going outside. It increases the stress level and causes a lot of damage to mental health. In this pandemic, people feel very lonely and this is affecting their mental health too.

No proper time for work

Due to work from home, some companies also take advantage of employees. They take extra work from them as there is no traveling to the office that saves lots of time. According to people they have more burden of work while working from home as compared to working from the office.

More meetings

Due to work from home, the number of meetings has been increased a lot. Most of the employees don’t like it. People say that number of meetings per day has been increased due to work from home whilst most of the problems were get easily solved with the team meeting by sitting face to face.

Daily life affects a lot

Work from home has completely ruined the daily life of many people. According to people, apart from work, they are not able to give time to anything else. They don’t have time for themselves. While people are working from home, but due to workload, they are getting away from their family somewhere.

In this article, I want to say that Work from home is a new way of doing our work. Some people liked it but some don’t. It depends on people how they think about it.

But let us tell you now that some people have also demanded hybrid work.

And some people want to work from home occasionally!

What is your opinion?

Do you like work from home or work from the office?

Please tell us your opinion in the comment. Also, tell us how much you liked this post. Always open to your suggestions and feedback!

Have you happy and balance your work-life!

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