Heroes of the Coronavirus pandemic

pandemic hero

Sometimes it does not matter how powerful you are, you are defeated in front of your enemy. In the same way, Coronavirus has also caused havoc. Coronavirus (COVID-19) has proved to be one such enemy for the whole world, beyond which the whole world has intertwined.

Where the whole world is forced to live in their homes, there are some people who are engaged in saving the lives of peoples like health care workers, doctors, nurses, police and NGO’s, who are constantly working to help people while they are also at the same risk as to the other people. These peoples are real hero for us.

It is said that “Doctors are the second god who lives on earth” and this saying seems to be correct now for the whole world today. Even in this difficult situation, regardless of their life and family, they are selflessly trying to save the lives of people day and night. In addition, all the heath workers and nurses are also engaged in this work. Many doctors treating people have lost their lives with this infection. Doctors around the world are engaged in many discoveries and inventions.

After doctors, the biggest contribution has came from government and police department, who are engaged in the service of people day and night. The government is trying hard day and night for the welfare of its people. At the same time, many responsibilities of the police department have also been increased. They are also engaged in the service of people day and night. Our police department is serving the public by giving them ration and feeding some people.

Along with this many volunteers and NGO’s are helping the peoples by giving them sanitizers and masks and also doing the arrangements for poor peoples for food.

Today, where the Coronavirus has rocked the whole world from this peak, some people are trying to defeat it day and night. So let’s help them…

We should co-operate with them and should stay in our homes and strictly follow the rules of the government.

Please Stay home, stay safe.

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