Employee monitoring: Try these 5 easy ways to monitor your employee at the workplace

employee monitoring

“Employee loyalty begins with employer loyalty.“

Employees and Employers both are complementary to the company. The company cannot operate even in the absence of one, and it is necessary for the growth of the company that all the people who work in the company should do their work smoothly.

There is only one way to do this i.e employee monitoring, which will give a productive result. In this article, we are going to discuss the easiest ways to monitor your employees.

But the first question is-

Is spying on your employees legal?

Yes, employers have the right to monitor their employees as they perform their duties.
For this, only the employer needs to provide notice of hidden cameras in the workplace.
Because, if the recording is done by visible cameras and videotaping of individuals in the workplace, even without their consent or knowledge is a crime.

Actually… employee monitoring allows a business to track employee activities and monitor worker engagement with workplace-related tasks. Employee monitoring is not meant to interfere with the personal life of any employee.

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Let’s come to the topic

There are many ways to monitor your employees. Some of them are-

Direct monitoring

Direct monitoring would involve keeping computers in an open location at the business place. So this gives the idea about how that computer is being used.

Network monitoring

Network monitoring will also pick up on who is accessing which files and how those files are altered and transmitted.

Email monitoring

When a company hosts its own email server it will monitor that server to see the comings and goings of mail to and from the company.

Virtual private networks (VPN)

A VPN is like a little website that contains all files and programs that employees use and access that website for their files and applications they are working from which is helpful in monitoring.

Software monitoring

Every company utilizes different tools for monitoring and it depends on the company’s size. There are many software monitoring tools like ManageEngine OpManager, NetFlow Analyzer, Logic Monitor, etc.

Additionally, using some tools like Excel/Google Table, Video surveillance, and many more, employee monitoring can also be done.

Is employee monitoring beneficial?

Yes, it is beneficial. The right strategy and management lead in the right direction giving the best result. Let’s discuss some pros of employee monitoring –

  • It helps to manage office properly.
  • Boost employee productivity.
  • It helps to evaluate employee performance.
  • It helps to control unwanted behavior from employees.
  • Resolve the mistakes as soon as possible.

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Apart from the benefits mentioned above, the number of benefits are there for employee monitoring
that can make both employees and employees productive.

“Workspaces can be used to organize your work.”

“When you’re a manager, you work for your company. When you’re a leader, your company works for you.” so make your products as much as you are…and the employer knew how to make her employees productive by monitoring their work because

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