Gmail keyboard shortcuts: start using today!

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Let’s learn some Gmail keyboard shortcuts.

In the modern world, identity is necessary for all, whether it is in the physical or virtual worlds.


How do people get you? and how the world connects you?

It all needs an identity. Here, in this blog, we will talk about a solution that gives you a virtual identity. There are many websites that help to give you identity in the virtual world. Gmail is one of them.

If you are professional and you mostly spend your time on Gmail then you must know some Gmail keyboard shortcuts which will make Gmail easier.

Google provides the best solution for virtual identity via Gmail where you just create space in a cloud and create an id. This is very simple, and secure to create an id.

Today everyone knows Gmail and we all become dependent on it. Generally, we open Gmail at least once a day, and if you are professional then you will open it more than once.

So, in this article, we will talk about some Gmail keyboard shortcuts which will make it easier.

Let’s discuss this in detail.

Compose and chat

 Shortcut What it does
Shift + Esc  Focus on the main window
 Esc: Focus on the latest chat or compose
Ctrl + . Advance to the next chat or compose
Ctrl +,  Advance to previous chat or compose
Ctrl + Enter  Send
Ctrl + k Insert a link
Ctrl +; Go to a previous misspelled word
Ctrl + ‘ Go to the next misspelled word
Ctrl + m  Open spelling suggestions
Ctrl + Shift + c Add Cc recipients
Ctrl + Shift + b Add Bcc recipients
Ctrl + Shift + f Access custom from
Ctrl + Shift + d  Discard draft

Google workspace side panel

 Shortcut What it does
Ctrl + Alt + . Focus on the side panel
Ctrl + Alt + , Focus back to the main window


 Shortcut What it does
Ctrl + z Undo
Ctrl + y Redo
Ctrl + Shift + 5  Previous font
Ctrl + Shift + 6 Next font
Ctrl + Shift + –  Decrease text size
Ctrl + Shift + +  Increase text size
Ctrl + b Bold
Ctrl + I  Italics
Ctrl + u Underline
Ctrl + Shift + 7 Numbered list
Ctrl + Shift + 8 Bulleted list
Ctrl + Shift + 9 Quote
Ctrl + [ Indent less
Ctrl + ] Indent more
Ctrl + Shift + l  Align left
Ctrl + Shift + e Align center
Ctrl + Shift + r  Align right
Ctrl + Shift + , Set right-to-left
Ctrl + Shift + . Set left-to-right
Alt + Shift + 5  Strikethrough
Ctrl + \ Remove formatting

Thread list selection

 Shortcut What it does
* then a Select all conversations
* then n Deselect all conversations
* then r Select read conversations
* then u  Select unread conversations
* then s Select starred conversations
* then t Select unstarred conversations


 Shortcut What it does
Back to thread list
k / j Newer/older conversation
o or Enter Open conversation; collapse/expand the conversation
p / n  Read previous/next message
g then n  Go to next page
g then p Go to the previous page
` Go to the next inbox section
Go to the previous inbox section
Ctrl + Alt + v  Reset sidebar sections to default height


 Shortcut What it does
Search mail
Open keyboard shortcut to help
Search chat contacts
c Compose
d Compose in a tab
. Open the “more actions” menu
v Open “move to” menu
Open “label as” menu


 Shortcut What it does
, Move focus to the toolbar
Select conversation
Toggle star/Rotate among superstars
Remove label
e Archive
Mute conversation
! Report as spam
Shift + r  Reply in a new window
a Reply all
Shift + a Reply all in a new window
Shift + f  Forward in a new window
Shift + n Update conversation
] / [  Remove conversation from current view and go newer/older
} / {  Archive conversation and go newer/older
Undo the last action
Shift + I  Mark as reading
Shift + u  Mark as unread
Mark  from the selected message
+ or = Mark as important
–  Mark as not important
; Expand the entire conversation
: Collapse the entire conversation
Shift + t    Add conversation to Tasks



This is all about the Gmail keyboard shortcuts which you can use to make it easy. If you learn these shortcuts you can save a lot of time and boost your overall email productivity.

Please share your valuable feedback related to this article and tell us how this article is helpful for you.

Happy Gmailing!

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