9 Best examples of 404 pages from real websites

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If I told you that the 404 pages actually increase your website conversions and boost revenue.

What will you think?

It really sounds good to be true. But with some effort and creativity, it is possible. The right 404-page design and proper optimization will turn your lost visitors into loyal customers.

Crafting these pages is a really creative thing.

In this article, we are going to discuss some HTTP 404 pages examples.


Before this, it is important to know first

What is HTTP 404 pages?

The 404 pages are the error pages. Generally, This page appears when any visitor lands on any webpage that either never exists or is removed from the website.

If we talk about this in a technical way then the answer is – It is an HTTP status code that indicates the browser was able to communicate with a given server, but the server could not find what was requested by the visitor.

If you were looking for a specific page on SLICEmyPAGE’s website but misspelled the URL, you will also land on the 404-error page.

Mostly, this page remains plain, on which the “server is not found” is written.

But, with time technology is grown now. So, this concept is also changing with time. Now people have started giving creative looks to their error page. Because they believe that by doing this they will turn their lost visitors into loyal customers.

Concept of custom 404 page

Generally, the basic page of 404 error is ugly. Sometimes the visitors can be frustrated by seeing it. But, if you add some creativity to it then it becomes interesting for your visitors.

Adding some links and images in your 404 error page will make it beautiful and engaging for your visitors.


We all know that creativity has no limits and it depends on the person how they think and how they implement new things in a new way.

So, it depends on you, how you design your page to keeps your visitor engage with your site.

And, yes creating this page will definitely give you a positive effect on your visitors.

Why they matter?

Mostly, the error page makes nervous, the people who visit the website.

But, if this error page is used in a positive direction then it will give good results.


With the help of a professional 404 page, you can redirect users where they want to go. Suppose that as users click to navigate through your site and they may land on one of the faulty links. In this situation, if your site doesn’t have a 404 page, then the user will leave your website. You can likely say goodbye to that potential lead forever.

On the other hand, if you have 404 pages then the user will land in your actual website that their user will be looking for.

Besides this, it has many more benefits let’s discuss

  • It will help in branding.
  • It reduces negative emotions.
  • It also reduces the bounce rate and helps keep users on your website.
  • It also get attention for your brand.

What are the some examples of 404 error page?

There are a lot of companies that see this error page as an opportunity, we will talk about some of it.

Here we’ve chosen our favourite examples-


SLICEmyPAGE provides world-class service in front-end development. They are experts in Html Conversion, WordPress Conversion, Website Maintenance including new tools and technologies.


Github provides hosting for software development and a web-based graphical interface. It uses humor and pop culture references on its 404 page.


It provides the project management solution to manage the projects. It helps users to understand the issues that may have led them to the 404 pages.


Amazon is a famous E-commerce company its page starts with SORRY in capital letters with a dog image.


Adobe is a famous company known for its multimedia and creativity software products. Its 404 error page includes links related to the website.


Google is the most famous search engine in the world and its 404 pages redirect to back on the page.


Youtube is a famous video platform. Monkey image is on its error page with a search bar where you can search for anything.


LinkedIn provides business and employment-oriented online service. It’s 404 consists of a telescope image with a link written ‘go to your feed ’ which redirects the home page.


The Home Box Office(HBO) is related to a television network. Its 404 error page consists of navigation and links.

And that’s it for today!


Lastly, I want to say that you can change the negative aspects into positive aspects and took them as an opportunity.

Please tell us if you have an interesting 404 page. If not then create your own 404 pages today!

Start increasing your website conversions with 404 pages!

I hope you enjoyed this article and it will help you to understand the concept of the HTTP 404 error page with some positive effects.

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