10 Cash-free ways to rewards for employees to motivate !

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Incentives and rewards for employees to motivate!

Reward means to give something to someone in recognition of their services, efforts, or achievements. This can be in any form of cash and without cash or a gift. It is an essential thing to maintain a happy and productive workforce of employees.

rewards for employees slicemypage

People know money is king and everyone working for money in this world but money is not a long-term motivator.

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In this article, we are going to discuss some cash-free rewards for employees to motivate. There are a number of ways that you can reward employees without handing them money. Here we discuss some of them.

Let’s discuss rewards for employees to motivate-

1. Thank you note

Generally, we acknowledge our relationship with the person we say “Thank You” because we live in a time-deprived society. Saying thanks for something specific may be the ultimate reward for anyone.

2. Time off

Taking time off is good for the brain, there is a saying about it “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.” This is absolutely true. It directly affects your mental clarity, balance, and focuses on work.

Proper time off provides better productivity to your work.

3. Apply hybrid work model

It allows the employees to minimize distractions and increase the time they spend and focused on a project. Of course, it also helps to avoid office politics. So free your employees for a day to choose a day in a week when they can do work from home.

It’s a great benefit that conveys your trust and adds flexibility and convenience to your employee’s schedules.

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4. Offer lunch

I think team lunch is a great way to say “thank you”. Arranging lunch in the office and throwing an office party outside is a good option.

5. Engage in the incentive process

We all know incentive programs always motivate employees and push them to achieve higher degrees of productivity and challenges. It will also increase earnings and the satisfaction level of employees for your company.

Incentive plan initiatives can help promote collaborative work efforts.

6. Get to know them as people

When people work together as a team the most inspiring thing is people’s friendship and loyalty between them. It will help to tackle problems or daily life activities and also helps you to form a bond with those who are closest to you.

Besides this, there are many program activities that help us to know more about your team as people.

7. Flexible hours

Flexible work schedules allow your employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance. It allows employees to work when they accomplish the most, feel freshest, and enjoy working.

This will reduce stress, and gives them a chance to work when they’re most productive. It is the best reward nowadays.

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8. Casuals on one day in the week

We all know how tricky is dressing for the office. It doesn’t cost anything to allow employees to dress in casual attire one day each week.

It adds fun to the workday without doing anything to detract from productivity.

9. Personalized rewards

Personalizing a reward means that it is something that suits individually to a staff member.

These rewards include new perspectives, new ideas, and innovation which also helps to increase the morale and productivity of the company.

10. Offer the opportunity to learn desired skills

Digital innovations are increasing day by day and affecting every company. Everyone wants to learn new things to enhance their skills and make money from that skills.

So, if you offer free courses, it is the simplest way to enhance their job satisfaction.


We have discussed all possible cash-free rewards in this article. The choice of reward can vary from business to business to stay connected with employees.

Remember one thing every time cash is not a motivator sometimes it’s a compensator.” so try some intangible alternatives and think outside the box to uniquely reward your employees for a job well done.

I think this post is helpful for you if you find a way of cash-free reward. Please share if you have any other ideas related to it.

Happy rewarding!

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