Font Awesome 6 is coming

font awesome6

Font Awesome is web icon font and toolkit made by Dave Gandy.

This is a very popular icon set and toolkit that is commonly used among designers and most of the icons are free of cost.

The current version of Font Awesome is 5.13.0 in which there are 1,588 Free icons and 7,842 Pro icons available.

In this article, we will talk about its upcoming version of Font Awesome which is the 6th version.

Obviously, it will have more icons and more features than its current versions.

Let’s see what’s coming with Font Awesome 6.

New icons and styles

Font Awesome is constantly striving with its kind to improve your design. In this new version, a huge collection of new icons are added and thin style of all icons are also available.

Crisp new look

Font Awesome 6 are going to provide a crisp new look to all of their existing icon styles including the new thin style. These are regular, light, thin, duotone.

More settings, services, and speed

Font Awesome 6 makes it easier to use icons with more plugins and packages which takes less time for browser rendering. Along with this, there is also some improvement in speed.

Upload your own icons

Till now, Font Awesome had only the option of font download and you could not upload any of your icons but now with Font Awesome 6, you can now upload your own icons easily to a kit and easily add your logo or custom icons. I think this is the best part of it.

It has become a matter of some features, but there are many questions related to it. Let’s talk about some of the answers that you should know


When will Version 6.0 be available?
It may be in the second half of 2020 with a ton of icon updates.

How is Version 6 different?
It has more icon then its previous versions including more packages and styles and also have improved speed issues.

How will Version 6 be available?
It is available in both the Free and Pro versions come with styling frameworks and ligature-based icon fonts which make it working on the web and desktop respectively easier.

How do I upgrade to Version 6?
This depends on your project and how you’ve incorporated Font Awesome – we’ll be writing docs and guides for all of the official ways we support as Version 6 launches. Stay tuned.

If I have a Font Awesome 5 license. Will Version 6 requires a new one?
You can use the older version but will have to adhere to the terms of the Font Awesome Pro license for any use of Font Awesome 6.

Where and how can I upload my own icons in Font Awesome 6?
Once it is available, you can upload your own SVG icons to be transformed into icons via their kits service.


Font Awesome 6 is not released yet but it will be available at $99/year only. But if you pre-order, you’ll get a $20 discount for the first year.

Let us now look forward to the better version of the Font Awesome, hope that it will make the work of the users more successful.

For more details, you can visit their website.

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