Never say this to your boss at the workplace


Are you happy with your workplace?

The workplace is just like a second family for all who work in various sectors. Each organization has different work culture. Some workplaces are very strict and some are very casual. Your workplace may be casual, you might be pretty light with your boss, but that doesn’t mean there are no boundaries for people who are working here.

Every organization has its own work culture, which is absolutely wrong to judge.

This article is dedicated to all employees who work but they do not take their work seriously and don’t know how to behave properly in an organization. Most of the employees expect many things from the organizations, but when it comes to giving to the company they are unable to give anything to the company.

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Being an employee you should know what your company wants from you. In actuality, the company only needs the employee to do his job and understand the responsibility of his project and nothing else.

So you need to rethink it if you are an employee. At the employee level, we want to keep a friendly environment, but for this, the employee has to do some efforts.

In this article, we’ll discuss 10 things that we should never say to our boss in the workplace.

1. I can’t

It shows a lack of confidence and unwillingness to take chances.

2. That’s not part of my job

It shows that you are also not willing to pitch in for the success of the company. You are also not flexible for company roles.

3. It’s not my fault

The blame game is not expectable in the workplace. You are responsible for your mistakes, then you also have to take responsibility for that mistakes.

4. My work is boring

You’re being paid to be productive and remain enthusiastic. So it’s your responsibility to find ways to make your job interesting.

5. At my last job, they let me do that

Do not compare your last job with your current job, especially things that your old boss used to let you do.

6. I never work on holidays

No one wants to work on a holiday day, but sometimes it has to be done and if you refuse it, then maybe you lose future opportunities.

7. I need a raise

Of course, at the time of your hiring, your salary expectation was also matched. That’s why you are doing this job. Then you cannot demand a raise before time.

8. I can’t do this work today

You have to follow your deadline given by your boss. You cannot pretend not to do that work, nor you can say that it could not be done today.

9. I just assume that

This phrase is most irritating and frustrating for bosses. This shows you made an error in judgment and learned from it, versus excuses.

10. That’s impossible

Your boss doesn’t want to hear negativity or a lack of conviction. If any deadline is given, it means it’s possible and that’s why it’s given to you.

Lastly, I want to say a phrase for all employees that is

“Honesty is the best policy in the workplace with a few exceptions”

Keeping this in mind I want to say that if you are working in an organization, then consider it as your own and never compare your past job or boss with your present job or boss. It is a kind of insult to your present job.

If you adopt these small things, then you will definitely start feeling that you are getting satisfaction with your job, which is very important.

Let’s start spreading positive vibes in the workplace and have better relations among the boss and employees.

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