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There is a normal saying “With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” We are going to discuss here the ideal workday technique. Generally, we follow traditional approaches to manage our time and our ideal workday with prioritizing work, some planning, and to-do lists. It is important because it makes you think about what your goals and dreams would actually look like on a day-to-day basis. Some initial steps help to design your goal.

Dream big

I think dreams are very important for anyone’s life, which will generate greater levels of excitement. Make a dream to achieve something.

Decision making

Dreaming is easy but to turn that dream into reality is really tough. Make some decisions to convert your dreams into reality.

Do the action

There is a little quote with a large dose of reality that comes to mind.

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“A goal without a plan is just a wish”.

So don’t wish only, take the action.

To design perfect work there are many things. So let’s discuss-

Start 24-hour breakdown of a day

We all know that we have 24 hours in a day so it is up to you how you use and make productive. Start with 12 AM. You can do this digitally or on paper. Decide your time on your own, when you sleep, when you eat, when you work, when you enjoy it. An evening routine can help set the stage for an enjoyable and productive the next day. Obviously, not every day will be the same, whether it was a weekday or weekend.

Measure your intensity and impact

It is important to measure your capacity and focus on it. You need to decide which type of people you are because there are two types of people one is fast and the other is slow. The impact is the return you will get for the time and energy, you spent on that task. If a task will have a high impact or return, it should be prioritized more highly than something that has a low impact. It is also necessary that you have to be instinctive and emotional, deliberative or logical.

Prioritize your task and Control distractions

It is not necessary that you need to be available 24/7 via cell phone, email, etc. Anything that will break into your focus and make you jump from one thing to another will just slow you down and interfere with your productivity. But it is important that when we schedule something then how we focus on it and how much energy spend on it. Because there are four areas-

  • Tasks that directly and positively affect results and require a lot of attention, energy, and focus. This is a person’s most important work. This has high intensity and high impact.
  • Tasks that require being in the service of others. Giving time to someone to ‘bounce an idea off ’ or something similar. This has high intensity but low impact.
  • Tasks that can be done while metaphorically sleeping because they are easy and the stakes are low. These are things that are repetitive and routine in nature. This has low intensity and low impact.
  • Tasks that don’t require a lot of ‘heavy lifting’ brain-wise, but will have a positive impact: planning, maintenance, preparation. Basically, anything that sets a successful day tomorrow. This has low intensity but high impact.

So, apply the 80/20 rule (This rule is also known as the Pareto Principle or Law of Inequality. It was first discovered by Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto) and choose the projects that will mean the most over the long term. It’s very difficult to have a relaxed workday if you have too much going on.

Customize your work environment

The most important thing is your work environment Whether you work at home, in an office, or some other setting, control your immediate work environment so that you can focus on the task at hand. Some important points should be remembered-

  • Don’t over commit yourself, streamline your schedule.
  • Avoid multitasking.
  • Avoid all work and no play mentality.

Lastly… your ideal day may be different than other people’s ideal days. Think about this, what does your “ideal day” and “ideal workday” look like. Ask yourself questions to help you decide what’s important for you in your ideal workday.

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