Are online industries really suffering in lockdown?

COVID-19 is the greatest global humanitarian challenge which is now spreading very fast in India. More than 42000 cases are registered and this figure is when the whole country is in the position of lockdown which is very helpful to suppress the spread of the COVID-19 disease.

Everyone is forced to stay in their home and it has a huge impact on the economy of the country.

Some people have become homeless due to a lack of employment. The Coronavirus has affected both, the small and the big businesses.

Apart from this, we also have an online world on which everyone was dependent. Whether it is shopping, food or tour, even people were dependent on it for their medicines and the people who were doing all these businesses got benefited a lot, but today the country is completely closed and almost everything is banned.

In such a situation, it is difficult to find out how much damage has been made to these businesses, but we can make a guess by looking at the situation today.

So let’s move on to this-


E-commerce is a very big platform that is spread like a net, but as soon as the country is closed, the government stops the delivery of goods. It is natural that there will be a loss. In such a situation, work is getting affected because there is a shortage of labor. The delivery of some essential items are exempted, but the heavy items like electronics, mobile those with higher profits are prohibited. In such a situation, companies are incurring huge losses.


Food is a favorite of people from the beginning and most people are addicted to food, but this time their order intake is low because the delivery fleet has reduced due to lockdown and all restaurants and bars are shut. But some food delivery company has been given delivery exemption at some places where the cases are less, in which it can deliver only daily goods.


This pandemic has caused the biggest hit in the travel industry because the movement of people from one place to another is completely closed, even the railways and flights have a temporary ban. So their sales have plummeted to zero. Seeing the increase of cases in the country, for the time being, some hotels are being converted into quarantine centers.


Today all school colleges are closed and children are being advised to stay at home, so the trend towards children’s online learning is increasing. Due to which children are learning new interesting things other than studies. So it can be said that this industry has gained some profit in the meantime.

Digital entertainment

Digital entertainment has been enjoyed by people for centuries, but everyone is imprisoned when they are imprisoned in their homes, they have no other option and especially the old age people are taking advantage of this. Nowadays there are some apps like Hotstar, Voot, etc from which we can see that channel too, it is paid, so today people are sitting at home and enjoying it very much.

Social media

The trend of social media is from the beginning itself, but the craze is the most awakening among the youth. Today, most people are using social media, whether it is a news share or video call or advertisement, everyone is using it. Today, social media is the most beneficial at this time.


Today’s tragedy has taught us the value of our health and also told us that we are not ready to fight against such a health crisis. Initially, there was a shortage of masks and sanitizers, but gradually everything is improving. The production of ventilators has been increased, even robots are being made which can help us in this health crisis. E-consultation is increasing and online medicine delivery is working. This means that the demand for this industry has increased.

Digital payments

It has not seen any effect, people are using it in the same way, rather it is being used more, it is estimated in the future that its use will increase because the outbreak of this virus is such that if people touch even a distance, then there is a danger. So cash transactions can also increase it. In this case, the digital payment will have to be taken.


Logistic is completely affected, e-commerce delivery is the biggest reason and all border sealing is also a reason. A lot of logistics is being given a little relaxation, but it is still revenue that is low because only a little part of it is in use.

In this way we saw above that all our industry is not completely affected by this, some are benefited and some are damaged.

Let us understand through a chart how much effect has been done on which sector with the help of the score given to it … let’s begin

Sector Key companies Impact Impact score
E-commerce Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Lenskart, Nykaa Highly affected 4/5
Food Swiggy, Zomato, Grofers, BigBasket Partially affected 2/5
Travel Oyo, Treebo, MakeMyTrip, GoIbibo, Ixigo, RedBus, Travel Triangle Fully affected 5/5
Education Byju’s, Unacademy, Vedantu, Toppr, GradeUp Not affected 1/5
Digital Entertainment TikTok, Netflix, Hotstar Not affected 1/5
Social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Not affected 1/5
Health 1Mg, Practo, Medlife, Portea Medical, Lybrate Less affected 2/5
Digital Payments PhonePe, Paytm, Google Pay, Bharat Pay Less affected 2/5
Logistics Delhivery, Ecom Express, Locus, Rivigo, Blackbuck, Shadowfax Highly affected 4/5

We know the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is impacting every part of our lives, so we have to decide how we can make our life better… Of course, this has wide-ranging ramifications for marketing, advertising and e-commerce, travel and entertainment… But all this is only for a short time, these miseries will be licked soon and we will see a new dawn for this, we will have to wait at home.



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