How technology helping in the fight against Coronavirus

technology helps

Today, as the whole world is troubled by the fury of Coronavirus, it’s becoming difficult to imagine our future. Coronavirus (COVID-19) first appears in China in January 2020, and today it has spread in almost all the countries of the world with 3,566,805 cases and nearly 248,304 deaths till now (May 04, 2020, 05:49 GMT).

All are trying to get rid of this virus in their own way and are raising awareness, in which our technology is a very big contributor. Some people are telling its remedies through jokes and memes, while in some research fields, there are some people who are using technology and all these will be helpful not only today but also in the future.

How helpful technology is?
In this bad time, technology has created a new dimension, which has made people’s lives much easier at this time, and along with this, many new technology solutions have also been adopted. Let’s talk about some of the technological solutions that are adopted by various countries…

Video conferencing and video calls

Today video conferencing has become an important tool. In the era of social distancing, there is a video conferencing that can bring people together. This video conferencing is done through many apps like Zoom, Webex, Whatsapp and Skype which would avoid close gatherings in one place not only the general public is taking advantage of it, but it is also being used in the field of politics. People who are doing work from home also benefitted from it because it only needs a good internet connection and it is very easy to use.

Contactless working environment

This virus has taught people the work from home, which people are following strictly because we have to maintain physical distance and it will also encourage a paperless working environment. Work from home is so easy that we only need a laptop and a good Internet connection to access office server and connected to each other by using some online services like TeamViewer for remote access, desktop sharing, web conferencing and file transfer.

The positive effects of working from home also help us in self-quarantine.

Contribution of AI in medical

Due to Artificial Intelligence (AI), the life of the people become easy, new innovations have also started in this area. Nowadays, people get to know the body temperature without touching it, and there are also machines from which the infection of the lung can be detected, which is only possible by AI.

It also speeds up drug discovery and the development of this pandemic disease. Today the danger has become so much that doctors and health workers are also getting these infections in large quantities.

In such a situation, the help of robots is being taken in hospitals, which has proved to be very effective, this has reduced the risk of infection between doctors and health workers. Not only India but it is being used in many countries and the special thing about these robots is that we can talk to them on a video call and they can maintain more than one isolation ward at a time.

Chatbots are being used for travelers to know the latest travel procedures.

Medical equipment, autonomous vehicles, and drones

This virus has given birth to the biggest health crisis in the world, which has made people understand the importance of their health. Today, more than 30 lacks people in the world are sick, while there is a shortage of medical equipment, due to which the demand for a high level of equipment has increased at a lower cost and many companies are already engaged in this work.

Apart from this, some small vehicle has also been made which is work on cloud service and helping to deliver goods and medical supplies to the people, it will also reduce the risk of infection in people.

Drones are also being used to patrol public spaces and such areas that are highly infected are also using drones for sanitizing process.


Health care by phone has been prevalent for a long time, but it has received a lot of boost due to Coronavirus. Most of the medical professionals across the board are agree with the concept of telemedicine(The transfer of medical information via telecommunication technologies) and being used by large hospitals across the world to treat patients from remote places.

Virtual biometrics

There was a myth in our society that people who have applied face masks are suffering from some disease but the time has come for us to prove it wrong. In the coming time, the mask will become a symbol of a civilized society. In many countries, it is suspended to use contact-based biometric time and attendance system. Instead of these companies are creating a new contactless biometric system that recognizes people’s faces with their masks.

This is a new challenging phase where technology has helped and we will be able to fight this virus further only because of technology. While this virus has shaken the world economy, technology has given it a new birth. With the invention of new innovations, new ways will be enlightened, just hope that we will create a new world for ourselves.

So stay home, stay safe…

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