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thrive themes

Today we are going to discuss Thrive Themes – WordPress themes and plugins.

Maybe, many of you already know about thrive theme and also there are possibilities that many of you don’t know about it.

So, my question is – Do you know about Thrive Themes?

If your answer is no, then let’s go and know about it.

Sometimes, we spend a lot of time and money to figure out the things related to building conversion-friendly website for our business and we don’t get any solution.

Don’t worry,

The best solution for you is Thrive Themes. It is related to WordPress themes and plugins.

Let’s discuss it in brief…

What is thrive themes?

Thrive Themes is a WordPress suite of website tools. It is the most advanced and simple to use. You can also create and customize your WordPress website and creates conversion-optimized plugins and themes. It gives a real boost to your business.

Thus, we know that the websites need templates, page editors, and plugins which all work together and help to make your design unique and fully functional. Of course, we have all these things. Still, we also need some other things which are necessary for the growth of your business for example – website speed, value-based actionable content, cutting-edge tech, and strategies and digital marketing, etc.

Apart, from this, we also need some tools that we can use to boost our website even you have a good website.

You can try Thrive Themes, it will give the right way to your website with many themes and plugins options.

As we know, everything has something special that attracts us. It also has some features. Let’s discuss its feature in brief.

Thrive theme builder

Firstly, we are talking about Thrive theme builder that is used to build a professional WordPress website where you can create and customize your website. It customizes the website’s header, footer, blog post templates, sidebar, page layout, category pages, search pages, 404s, etc. It integrates with all favorite tools which are necessary for a website and launches your site in 15 minutes, and fully responsive.

Thrive architect

With the help of thrive architect, you can create a high-converting homepage, sales pages, landing pages, and also write a formatted blog post. It also has different plugins like click-to-tweet sharing plugins, table builder plugins, font icon plugins, animation plugins to improve your website features.

Thrive leads

It is a lead generation plugin for WordPress with advanced lead generation tools. It also combines every type of opt-in form you need in one single plugin. Thrive leads has highly targeted offers for your visitors and easy to use A/B testing feature with actionable reporting.

Thrive quiz builder

Quizzes are not always for fun but sometimes they are made to engaging and grab the attention of your visitors. Thrive quiz builder helps to build complex quizzes with zero codings.

Thrive apprentice

You can create stunning online course lessons, chapters, and modules with a fast-action design. Apprentice is the most flexible WordPress course-building solution on the market.

Thrive comments

Thrive Comments provide irresistible channels for your audience to interact with your site which is basically related to feedback.

Thrive ultimatum

Ultimatum is a completely translatable and language-independent plugin by which you can manage and run an unlimited number of campaigns.

Thrive ovation

It is an all-in-one WordPress testimonial management plugin. In this, you can gather testimonials without hassle with auto-pilot.

Thrive optimize

Optimize is a simple A/B testing add-on that gives you the power to run fast and highly effective split tests for your landing pages.

This was about its features. Besides, all this it is important that we also know about its price, whether it is worth it for you or not.


Although, Thrive Themes costs you really less and has two different pricing models. They give the choice that you can either purchase each of the tools individually, or you can opt for complete access to everything. So, you can pay one small fee of $19/month, paid yearly.

There are two types of price plans first is yearly billed and the second is quarterly billed.

Yearly billed price- $228 or $19.00/month
  • Lowest possible price.
  • You can access to all Thrives themes plugins.
  • Access to Thrive theme builder and shapeshift.
  • It will support and updates included.
  • You can install the tools on up to 25 websites.
  • Access to thrive university.
Quarterly billed Price- $90 or $30/month
  • Access to all plugins.
  • Support and update included.
  • Install the tools on up to 25 websites.
  • Gives access to thrive university.

The most important thing it gives you 100% satisfaction and a moneyback guarantee.

Suppose for any reason, if you don’t like Thrive Suite you get a full refund anytime within 30 days. They also provide a swift refund facility.

Summarize this article, these plugins are really good and also you can get the best feature once you’re locked in. The best part of using it is the price which will never increase for you. It will only increase for new visitors who have not yet signed up.

In their toolkit, there are hundreds of tutorials for every single feature and element. You can access it easily. Along with this, they assist step-by-step videos and also provide setup to how to set everything in full features.

After using it then you will find that you are using an advanced suite of WordPress tools, rather than a fraction of the price others are paying for it.

Get Thrive Suite now!

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