How to brand yourself as a graphic designer

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Graphics are key to success for any brand. A graphic designer has all tools to make a brand noticeable. Graphic designers make designs for solving complex problems. Graphic design is a matter of making things better with creative solutions. Graphic designers have the opportunity to create a brand identity for a client using a logo, business card, website, etc.

But before you brand your client, you should brand yourself first. To show the world your perspective.

The main task is to brand yourself so the question is how to brand yourself as a designer.

Let’s discuss this.

Who you are?

First of all, try to understand who you are and what kind of client you need. If you are good at only logo designing, then create only logos and find clients that only need logos. If you are comfortable with other graphic designing niches then take work for the same as well.

Do Some Snooping

For any creative project, you need to gather some research like a variety of styles, text, colors, logos, etc. By doing this you can get the best result for your design.

Put yourself in your client’s shoes

When you have a client, the most important thing is the relationship with the client. Put yourself in the position of the client to understand what exactly your client wants from you. Make life easier for your clients with your work. Try to do regular meetings with clients and give them regular updates. Be realistic about the workload if you are not 100% sure for a delivery time then do not promise because trust is a very important thing between the client and you.

Study the brands you admire

As you brand yourself, study other successful brands. By observing them you will enhance your own branding because you get an idea where they are right and wrong by focusing on the client’s needs.

Start with words and images

Thinking about your competition and make an effective list of your skills, experience, and qualities who are your ideal clients? It is also important that you develop the list of words that reflect who you are. Besides all this, you may use some conceptual images to reflect on yourself.

Showcase on other websites

People will know you when you showcase your work in front of the world. There are many ways to do this, one way is through websites like Behance, Dribbble and the other way is social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Your own unique brand

The best way to present yourself is to create your own website with your own unique brand name. You can download free websites.

Check our top 5 free websites for your portfolio:

1. Portfolio 1
2. Portfolio 2
3. Portfolio 3
4. Portfolio 4
5. Portfolio 5

Convert visitors into clients

Regularly post your work on social media so that your visitor always knows about your work and this way you can convert your visitor into your client. We recommend you to use social pilot. It will auto-post your work regularly on all major social media platforms so that you can save your time to focus on your work only and generate more leads.

To wrap up this article lastly I want to say that branding is important for a graphic designer or any business. There is a saying that “I design things” isn’t enough to really make an impact on potential clients. If you really want to connect with them, your branding needs to speak about your skills.

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