A journey into HTML6

html6 intro

HTML is a markup language used to create web pages. HTML5 was a great blessing for web developers but the latest buzz word is HTML6 for the online world. HTML5 gives us many features like video support and mobile-optimized websites and tags and so on. We can say HTML6 might be spiced up with some toppings in this.

Let us take our turn and spread some limelight on it.

Camera integration

Now people using apps on mobile phones and with devices that have a microphone and a camera attached but camera integration is not supported by HTML5. HTML6 allows adding video and photos captured from cameras and we can easily access photos that are stored. It will provide better control over the camera and of course boost the detection rate.

Pluggable pre-processors and languages

It is a program that takes one type of data and converts it to another type of data. Pre-processors are already available in existing HTML but HTML6 will improve the code optimization and you will be able to create a layout of a website. It is arriving with more vigorous, pluggable languages that would include more elasticity and design selections for the web developers for creating unique designs in a prompt manner.

Flexible image sizing

HTML5 allows only image tags from a single standard SRC which is not enough because images on a mobile need a different type of resolution than the image on a laptop, but The number of pixels is fixed. HTML6 can support the specification of the required height and width of the image while retrieving the image from the server.

Contact information will be more secure

In the previous version, It is very easy to copy the email ID or any other contact information for users but in HTML6 it is protected.JavaScript will not allow the visitor to copy and paste and create protected access to contact information of visitors for the mobile devices.

Rather than these, there are some other features which are expected in HTML6 like –

  • More control over video object
  • Bluetooth support
  • Micro-formats
  • Cloud storage options
  • Peer to peer file transfer abilities
  • Malware protection

I hope this post will help you provide an overview of some of the basic concepts of HTML6.

HTML6 isn’t here yet. But an idea of what it will be offering has been provided. Moreover, it also provides freedom from using type attributes from tags. The chances are bright that the new version is able to offer better recognition to the HTML language.

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