TubeBuddy Review: A video marketing and management solution

Are you thinking about starting a YouTube channel?


You have to pay attention to this article which will be going to help you.

In this article, we are going to discuss a tool that will help you manage, optimize, and grow your YouTube channel in a better way
This is called TubeBuddy, it has countless powerful features.

Let’s discuss its detailed review-

What is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is a video marketing and management solution. It is built for YouTube creators. This platform helps businesses to create, run, and optimize channels via keyword research, search result rank tracking, thumbnail generation, and more.
Also allows the member to schedule the date and time to publish videos automatically.

What does TubeBuddy do?

  • Tag explorer
  • Publish to Facebook
  • A/B testing
  • GIF generator
  • Brand alerts
  • Competitor scorecard
  • Description promotion

TubeBuddy Features

  • Brand overlay
  • Bulk uploading
  • Mobile screen support
  • Reporting/analytics
  • Social sharing
  • Access controls/permissions
  • Content management
  • Customizable branding
  • Data import/export
  • Inside the video search
  • Labeling
  • Multi-channel distribution and multimedia support
  • Privacy options
  • Rapid creation
  • Social media integration
  • Tagging
  • Video editing, looping, management, streaming

TubeBuddy Pricing

It has three types of pricing plans the first one is Pro Plan, Second one is Star Pan and the third one is Legend Plan.

Pro Plan

This plan is for those who started their journey and want to get access to new tools for growth.
Price- $ 9/mo(billed monthly ), $7.20/mo(billed anually)

Star Pan

Star Plan is for those who are content creators and looking to achieve maximum efficiency. It is also food for time savings.
Price- $ 19/mo(billed monthly ), $15.20/mo(billed anually)

Legend Plan

It is also for creators who wanted to expand their reach and look for the maximum competitive edge for making data-driven decisions.

Price- $ 49/mo(billed monthly ), $39.20/mo(billed manually)

TubeBuddy vs Animaker

Key Features TubeBuddy Animaker
Price It has less cost It is expensive
Bulk Uploading It supports bulk uploading It does not support bulk uploading
Video Looping It has video looping It does not have
Video Streaming It supports video streaming It does not support video streaming

TubeBuddy vs

Key Features TubeBuddy
Free Trial It gives a free trial It does not give the free trial
Bulk Uploading It supports bulk uploading It does not support bulk uploading
Video Streaming It supports video streaming It does not support video streaming

TubeBuddy vs Restream

Key Features TubeBuddy Restream
Price It is pocket friendly It is expensive
Mobile Screen Support It Supports Mobile Screen It does not support
Video Looping It supports Video Looping It does not support Video Looping

TubeBuddy vs Hightail

Key Features TubeBuddy Hightail
Brand Overlay It supports Brand Overlay Hightail does not support Brand Overlay<
Privacy Options It has Privacy Options It does not have Privacy Options
Social Sharing TubeBuddy supports Social Sharing Hightail does not support Social Sharing


Which browsers does TubeBuddy support?

Currently, it supports Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. You can also use on with an additional extension to add support for Chrome extensions.

Is It Secure?

Yes. It has secure authentication through Google.

Do they offer any discounts?

Yes. If billed annually you will get a 20% discount on each plan.

Does it offer free upgrade trials?

Yes, you can and there is no credit card required.

Do they offer any tools outside the plugin?
Yes! When you log into your account page, you’ll find a list of tools.

From where can I get help on specific tools?

Go to the features page to find tips, tricks, info, and more for each tool.

What are the alternatives to it?

Kaltura, TwentyThree, Castr, Dubb, Animaker, etc are the main alternatives.

What are the integrations of TubeBuddy?

Facebook and Twitter are the integrations of TubeBuddy.

Is Tubebuddy legit?

TubeBuddy is a 100% YouTube-certified extension that has been helping thousands of YouTubers grow their channel since 2014!


Lastly, I want to say that TubeBuddy is the best tool for YouTube creators. If you are a blogger or want to start YouTubechanne then this tool is very helpful for your channel growth.

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Keep creating your channel!

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