Designrr Review: Best ebook maker for marketing & branding

If you are planning to create an ebook for yourself, you should review this article about Designrr which is an ebook creator.
We all know that content works like a magnet in lead generation. And, Ebooks are effective lead magnets so create your ebook with this platform.

So, Let’s start this article

What is Designrr?

You can create eBooks, Reports, Whitepapers & Leadmagnets with Designrr. It helps to reach more people, and grow your audience and revenue. Also, you can transform your content here including blog posts, word, Google docs, Podcasts, Audio files, etc.

Over 1.9 Million eBooks are already created with this.

Who is this for?

It is for Content Marketers, Course Creators, eBook Creators, Coaches, Podcasters, Small Businesses, Podcast Services, Brand Marketing, Webinar Marketers, Video Creators, YouTube Creators, and Marketing Agencies.

How does it work?

It works in different steps

Step 1- Choose your source
You can import written content from blogs and websites, social content from Facebook pages, and audio, video, and YouTube files.

Step 2- Review your draft
Revise your draft content in an editor designed for writers and customize your transcript.

Step 3- Choose a template
Add images from our free image search(copyright) or upload your own. You can change font styles, the cover, headers, and anything.

Step 4- Tweak and tune
Finalize your finished product to look by adding some images and customizing it.

Step 5- Publish
Your post is stored in your account. You can access it anytime and download it when you want.

You can publish it on any website.

Designrr Features

  • Annotations
  • Audio/video file upload
  • Automatic transcription
  • Automatic transcription services
  • Booking management
  • Cataloging/categorization
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Content management
  • Customizable templates
  • Electronic forms
  • File sharing
  • Image editing
  • Layout & design
  • Magazines
  • Newsletters
  • Speech Recognition
  • Text editing
  • Timecoding

Designrr Pricing

This pricing plan is divided into two categories – Business Plan and Agency Plan

Business Plan -It is divided into four parts. Let’s see these four in detail.

Standard Plan

Price- $29/mo
1 User,100 Project Templates,922 Google fonts
Create unlimited eBooks, unlimited use Of copyright-free images, page numbering & table of contents generator, import from the web, MS Word & Google Docs
Flipbook Generator

Pro Plan

Price- $39/mo
Includes all things from the standard plan plus 300+ project templates,200+ cover designs, export to Kindle, iBooks, ePub, clone projects, Flipbook generator from any PDF, import from ANY Facebook page

Premium Plan

Price- $49/mo
Things from Pro Plan plus 4 transcription Hours /m, export to any website using HTML embed code, Facebook group

Business Plan

Price- $99/mo

All from the premium plan plus 8 transcription Hours /m

Agency Plan – It has only one Plan.

Agency Premium Plan

25 Transcription Hours /m,5+ Multi-User,200+ Project Templates,200+ Cover Designs
922 Google Fonts,3d Cover Image Tool, Create Unlimited eBooks
Unlimited use of copyright-free images, page numbering & table of contents generator
import from the web, MS Word, Google Docs & PDF, Export to Kindle, iBooks, ePub
clone projects & create custom templates, import from ANY Facebook page & group
Flipbook generator from any PDF, export to any website using HTML embed code
Facebook group, clone projects & create custom templates, onboarding concierge
24×7 support
To know more about the pricing plan Click Here!


Is there any free trial available?

Yes, It has a 7-day free trial.

Can we import pages as well as posts?

Yes, because they are not tied to WordPress.So, you can import pages and posts.

Can we import a page from someone else’s website?

Yes, of course, you can import a page from someone else website. In fact, you could create an ebook with the help of many sites.

Can we import the 2nd post?

Yes, you can add many posts to it.

What is the alternative of Designerr?

Wrike, Seismic, Flipsnack, Concrete CMS, Imagen, Nuxeo, etc are the main alternatives.

Are all links in the final PDF clickable?

Absolutely. All links are clickable in the final PDF.

Are my files secure?

Yes, your data is stored securely because it provides SSL encryption.


Lastly, I want to say that this is a good ebook creator site. It creates a beautifully designed ebook direct from your Website, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and many.

I want to lead for your blog or site then you must try it once.

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