10 Common coding mistakes you should avoid

Do you want to become a pro in coding?

Of course, your answer is yes.


But do you know?

For this, you may find the reason and common coding mistakes you should avoid and then you will become a pro while learning code.

We all know learning is a never-ending process and while learning mistakes are common. Whether it is coding or any other thing. So, it is obvious to do common coding mistakes and for this, it does not matter whether you are fresher or more experienced.

You must have heard that ” Mistakes make a person better in life.”

But remember one thing, when the person starts learning to code, he/she should be aware that the journey will not be smooth as butter. It needs rigorous practice, research, confidence, determination, and hard work.

In this blog, we will discuss how to be a good coder by avoiding common coding mistakes during the learning phase.

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Let’s start with common coding mistakes you should avoid-

Spending more time in researching

This is a common mistake done by beginners when they start their journey. They waste their most of time to researching more and it creates confusion for them. Today there are plenty of resources available on the internet. They will properly guide you through every aspect of the subject.

So, get started with your first coding experience without wasting your time. Follow these simple steps if you do not find them easily-

  • Properly understand the coding languages and their uses
  • Know what you are capable of learning
  • Choose the language you want to learn with
  • Briefly understand the language you are going to learn
  • Start learning

Comparing yourself with others

Comparison is a very bad thing because it demotivates you when you compare yourself with others. So while learning to code do not ever think that you cannot do it. Stay with the flow, do not rush. Also, you can believe that at the end of the day, you will succeed in what you are trying to achieve.

You have to believe that everyone has different capabilities. Everyone learns at the end of the day. Some people learn quickly, and some learn late, but it does not matter. What matters is, that learning must not stop.

Have patience take your time, and start learning to code.

Pretending like you know everything

Overconfidence is a very bad thing. We all know that the world of coding is never-ending and no one knows everything in it and it is a lifetime learning field.

Every day languages evolve, get updates, the new framework gets published, and new languages come into the world. Even the best programmers learn every day. So never overestimate your capabilities.

Coding in isolation and not asking for help when required

Generally, a lot of beginners do not interact with the other developer or the programming communities. If you are doing coding without any guidance then the quality of the code never gets improved. You have to build team-building skills to improve your work.

Doubting on your knowledge and giving up

If you are a beginner you have to struggle more than others. There are many topics that revolve around learning a language for the first time. But, always remember that, “Why did you start it?” This journey is really interesting if one is determined and persistent.

If ever you think it is not working do relax for a week and find a different approach. There are ups and downs that come throughout the learning process, but giving up in between must not be an option. You have to start learning from your failures.

Not checking the code constantly

There are many lines in coding and checking every line is a difficult thing for example – Facebook runs on around 62 million lines of code. If they have any problem then it would take years to check the code line by line to complete.

It will take 3-4 days to debug lines of code in thousand of line codes. That is why, for IT Industry, it is important to check the code after every 100-200 lines so that the debugging process becomes hassle-free. And also, if you check the code constantly, it will be easier to test the code and will help you to write better codes.

Skipping important topics while learning to code

While learning any skill, one thing is always important to follow a specific path and not distract from it. Coding is a step-by-step process. If you do not know the basics of coding you never learn advanced things.

Skipping the topics while learning code is not recommended.

Not practicing enough

Without practice, learning is nothing you have to do real practicing every day while learning code. If you start coding and write lines of code then many problems occur.By solving these problems you become better day by day. Practicing coding every day will enhance your analytical and problem-solving skills.

It will be difficult to solve problems without practice. Once you know the language pretty well, it will further boost your hold on the language.

You can follow these steps while practicing coding:

  • Learn tutorials
  • Solve algorithms
  • Participate in coding challenges
  • Build projects
  • Launch your website
  • Teach others basic coding

Learning from multiple resources

Learning from multiple sources seems a good approach but this is not recommended at all while learning code because it will confuse you. So this is not working in coding. As a beginner, you might not understand how different solution works for the same problem.

When you gain a specific level, automatically you will develop good problem-solving skills in you.

Not making coding a routine

People want to learn but did not make it a habit. We all know that coding skills get better with practice. And practicing coding must be a habit. Having a routine is always helpful while one is working to improve a skill.

This will enhance memory power, help you stay focused, and make coding a part of your life.

You can do the following to make coding a routine-

  • Solve a coding challenge
  • Keep a specific time to practice
  • Minimize distractions

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In this article, we see what are the common coding mistakes that beginners do.If you avoid making these common mistakes you’ll be in great shape with your coding journey.

Every newbie programmer needs to understand that they’re not alone in who is facing this problem. Coding is a journey and ups and downs are very common in the coding journey.

Thank you for reading this article end hope this article will help you in your coding journey.

Please share your valuable feedback related to this article and share with us how this article is helpful for you.


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